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February 17, 2002

And, finally, Halo itself:

343 GS seems to recognize MC and starts calling him the 'Reclaimer'. GS states that the other Halo's would follow suit, but it seems the process needed to be started by this 'Reclaimer'. Perhaps the suit MC wears is based on Forerunner technology, stolen from the Coventant, who have been studying / worshiping? the Forerunner for who knows how long.
343 GS says Halo(s) was used before, yet the flood still live, meaning that something about the Halo is keeping them alive. Perhaps the Forerunner were good enough to provide a feeding / norishment process. In their absence, though maybe the Flood are actually driving Halo. Enter the 343 GS quote that the purpose of Halo was 'something their race [Forerunner or Flood?] depended on'. And 343 GS seems a little off his rocker himself sometimes, getting notions of being a wiley genius ("Hmmm, thats a good idea" "I'm a genius").
There is a note also about the strange weather patterns, that seem to contradict the nature of the controlled environment Halo is supposed to be. And if the Flood can control beings like they did Keyes, who knows where else they could be? Could they be in control of the Halo?
The question of why the Flood were never destroyed is still a mystery, but when I read the Fall of Reach timeline in the part where Humans nuked a Covenant ship, I got a strange feeling. What if the Forerunner were a group of nations, and the Flood were their weapon. The Cold war between US and USSR was similar. Nukes were only used as a threat. Perhaps the Flood, and maybe the Halo's destructive power, was a threat that kept each nation from invading the other.

Very interesting possibilty. It would explain the need to keep the Flood alive, yet be able to "neutralize" them by destroying their food source. If so, then it would seem that there would need to be some sort of a counterpart to the "Reclaimer", who would release the Flood rather than set off the Halo. Hmm...

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