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October 30, 2005

Had a whole bunch of submissions this interval. I get the feeling though, that we're starting to hit the more obscure thought processes. Still - always fun to have a Cortana hatin' theory to run to the presses with.

Interactive Civilian ( writes:

Just reading the story page, and had some insightful ideas about Miranda disprespecting the rules by giving Cortana the ability to destroy the In Amber Clad. It makes pretty good sense, except for one assumption that I believe to be false.

That assumption is that Cortana actually had the ability to cause the self-destruction of the In Amber Clad. I was of the opinion that Cortana was lying when she said that based on the cut-scene when she was telling the Master Chief that she would do just that if it seemed like Halo would be fired. As has been mentioned previously on the HSP, she appears to cross her fingers while she is saying this to the Master Chief. Add to that the fact that the instillation came very close to firing, something Cortana should easily have been aware of, and the In Amber Clad certainly was not set to self-destruct.

I would guess that Miranda Keyes did in fact observe protocol and had not given Cortana the ability to destroy the ship.

Cortana's motivation for lying to the Master Chief are yet another matter of speculation, and many decent theories seem to have been advanced, mainly centering on Cortana's possible rampancy. However, I believe that she did indeed lie to him for her own purposes.

Just a thought.

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