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November 12, 2005

And, so far as we know, the one species which cannot be infected is . . .

Darkest Darkness ( writes:

In the face of all these Covie=Forerunner theories using their similar technology as proof, I would like to point out that the Covenant scavenges Forerunner technology for their own use. It's all so similar because it's THE SAME. I have heard several theories about the Hunter 'race' [ . . .] The halo manuals state that they are a conglomerate of several bacterial, or perhaps just lesser life forms within their metal shell. This raises further questions; If the Covenant didn't put them together in that suit, (thus an Arbiter was required for the Taming of the Hunters) then how did they get that way? I support the theory that the Forerunner was a kind of ruling class over all species; human, Flood, and what became the Covenant, but I do not believe they created the Hunters. This would explain their fuel rod cannons, and use of old school metal shields; their tech and fighting style is very different from anything else in the Covenant, who foraged everything they have from the old Forerunner.

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