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November 12, 2005

Hey! Look at this lovely piece of speculation!

Jillybean ( writes:

"sufficient biomass"

Constantly quoted and overanalysed, it strikes me there's a simple solution to this. The Ranger spore is the vector for infection - or to put it simply, that little mushroom has got to get its tentacles inside your central nervous system (normally through the soft cartilagenous tissue of the rib cage and into your spinal column). That's infection.

So far, the smallest thing we've seen being infected is a Grunt, roughly five feet tall. The Ranger spore is about a foot in length. If I were Stephen Loftus I could come up with a nice chart to show the relative size of the rib cage to the Ranger spore's tentacles, but I'm not.

All I'll say is that if the spore can't get its creepy crawlies into your spinal column, you've probably not got sufficient biomass.

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