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February 17, 2002

While doing a little cleaning yesterday, I discovered a whole pile of mail that had apparently slipped down behind the big desk in the Halo Story page den. Peruse away.

Matt Wright ( writes:

I haven't really read into all the Marathon similarities, but I've been reading some of the news archives- even the insane and bizarre ones. But then, the Halo story is a little bizarre. One race [Forerunner] preserves alive a potential threat [Flood], while another [Covenant] is hell-bent on destroying a potential threat [Humans].
For starters, some speculation about the Covenant: As far as technology goes, they seem to be closer to the Forerunner then Humans. They use plasma weapons, while Humans are still in the ballistic stage of weaponry. Their machines also seem to harness energy in a way similar to the Forerunner. On AotCR, that Tank-like thing shoots a glob of something that looks similar to the energy beams of level Halo.
War in the name of God is not a new thing, and apparently the universe is not big enough for both Covenant and Humans. Religions are often self serving, so something deep down drives the Covenant to irradicate Humans. Are they in a quest to claim back what they lost when they had to take measures to contain the Flood? Or do they have a grudge against Humans because of a past experience? One thing is for sure- the Covenant know more about the Forerunner then the Humans. The markings found on Covenant and Halo structures suggests they have been around Halo long enough to either make their mark, or be influenced by it.

Do the Covenant, in fact, worship the Forerunner?

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