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January 19, 2006

The HSP, undaunted by recent events, its hide calloused and tempered by the persistent eccentricity of its mailbag, trudges ever onwards... ;)

Asimov's Needler

PingZing ( writes:

I finished reading Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg's book "Nightfall" recently, and noticed that a "needle gun" or "needler" is mentioned fairly frequently near the end of the book. Apparently, it fires bolts of pinkish red energy that burn/explode when they come into contact with anything. The range can also be adjusted by opening or closing an aperture.

A few quotes from the book that describe this sucker are: "...looked down at his needler, adjusting the aperture to wide beam and maximum distance...a bolt of red light sizzled through the air and struck the ground just in front of the angry charred spot appeared on the lawn, and wisps of smoke came curling up."

And apparently, these needler's overheat. "'Give me your gun,' he said. 'Mine's overheating.'"

That's about the best description I can find. The gun itself is never described. Just thought I'd toss that out there, that maybe the Covenant Needler in Halo was based off of "Nightfall"'s needler.

Ooh. Spiffy.

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