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February 26, 2002

Well, I hear Louis warming up the cattle prods out in the shed, so I'd better get on with some updating.

Gordon Liu returns with some thoughtful observations about an ersatz nose.

Gordon Liu ( writes:

We all know that the hunter's orange spot on back is the most vunerable part of a hunter. But why would the hunter leave that spot open? Why don't they cover it with armor? Why? We don't know, but it must mean they need that orange part to be revealed to air. I looked at these two screen shots:

Here and here.

I looked at these closely and I saw no nose. That means they must have a different part of their body for air. That is why I say that orange part of their body is for air(kind of like gills). And that is why it hurts hunters so much when you shoot that part of the body.

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