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February 8, 2006

And so the Great Journey comes to an end. Or a beginning. Or something. There's a journey and it's progressing at it's own rate. ( writes:

Perhaps the most striking thing about the Covenant forces is the morphological similarity between humans and most of the covenant races. Most of the covenant races featured in the video games are bipedal, axially symmetric, and have opposable thumbs. These races are all carbon-based (presumably), and have similarly compatible biochemistries (they cohabitate in a common environment), and use spoken and written language. They also all have two eyes, ears and one mouth.

It seems that two things are almost certainly true:
1. For the humans to be "reclaimers" they are related in some distinguishable way to the forerunners, either because they are the Forerunners (most likely) or because the Forerunners guaranteed their existence for some bizarre unknown reason. If the Ark is on earth, which it almost certainly is, then it is likely that the Arc was built to protect Earth (also note the surprisingly Earth-like environment on the Halos, built to attract Flood) while eliminating all food sources for the Parasite.

2. The Prophet race were probably already galactic conquerors and the first to discover Halo 04 and found the advanced technology inside. Noting that the technology works almost specifically for medium sized bipedal humanoids, they quickly came to believe that the race who built such magnificent technology must
have reached divine enlightenment (Great Journey) by use of the Halo, and that they too, being of same shape and design, could also achieve divinity by the
same means.

The Elites were probably the first race to give the Prophets and their new repurposed Forerunner technology a military run for their money, and so instead the Prophets offered truce under the condition that the Elites would become Protectors of the Prophets and follow the guidance of the Prophet High Council to Divine Salvation. This became the Age-old Promise mentioned by Truth, that all who belonged to and served the Prophets'Covenant of Salvation would achieve the divine. Naturally, this ethos evolved into the current
enslave-and-conquer scorched-earth policy we see in the Halo games.

I like that the Prophets have decided they're enlightened because the technology seems to work for them, though there are a few holes in other parts.

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