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February 8, 2006

The last leg of our update. Stick with this one, it's like the geek at the party trying to feed you probiotics. Damn freaky but at least you won't wake up at your ex's . . .

Aaron Donovan ( writes:

From "First Strike" we find out that the Forerunner had a device that could alter time and space. Upon Master Chief's return to Reach, Doctor Halsey figures out that the events of Halo 1 haven't happened yet. The artefact that they had found had changed the current of time so that Master Chief could be in two places at once, or maybe one place twice. Whatever the case, the Forerunner apparently had mastered time. With that in mind consider this, what if the Forerunner are our descendants. What if they sent back the Halos to aid us in the war to come against the Flood. This story is one that I have composed.

The Forerunner are an extremely well off species, unopposed, and nothing to prevent them from expanding but then the Flood shows up. Planets are in chaos and in no time at all the Forerunner population is devastated. So they make the Halos. They prepare several objects to to help destroy and contain the Flood. The Forerunner decide two things, first, that they would prevent the Flood from terrorizing their present by wiping the galaxy of life. And second, that this might not have happened if they were more prepared and send a small population of the Flood to the past along with sufficient weapons to stop them.

But of course by changing the past you change everything that that follows.

The Forerunner sent back the Flood so that we could become familiar with them, so we knew how to deal with them when the plague returned in the future. If you think about it, it wouldn't be that bad of an idea. Imagine sending small collections of small pox to the Americas a thousand years before the conquestadors brought it across the Atlantic. I doubt as many people would die.

There are of course complications in time travel.

With advanced peices of technology floating around the galaxy, the Covenant are the first to find the artifacts meant to help us. With a burst of technology a once harmless race, is now the super power of the galaxy.

With things now changed that means the future hasn't been written and it is up to Bungie and the Master Chief to set the future.

I have one question though ...The Master Chief was supposed to come back to Reach when he did. Was it because the MC is important to the future or because someone else on the Ascendant Justice was important to the future? Heh the ship's name makes a little more sense now dosn't it? Hmm...Ascendant

To summarise: The Flood and Forerunner are from the future where the Forerunner were forced to annihilate all life. They sent a sample of the 'virus' back in time with Halos to warn their ancestors, but the Covenant got to the message first and completely misinterpreted it! See? Probiotic!

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