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March 25, 2006

It's. Because. She's. Evil!

Alex Brooks ( writes:

I was reading the transcript for the Pillar of Autumn the other day when I noticed something that caught my attention. When the Chief reaches the ship's bridge, Keyes says
"I'm initiating Cole Protocol Article 2. We're abandoning the Autumn."
This automatically means they are required to wipe the ship's databanks of any crucial information, including the location of Earth. Cortana is sent with the Chief to prevent the Covenant from capturing her. Either Keyes or Cortana would have had to wipe the databanks. If Cortana didn't, Keyes would have to.

However, in The Maw, 343 Guilty Spark scans the ship's databanks and discovers all sorts of info. He says
"And to think that you would destroy this installation. As well as this record". If he had been scanning Cortana's data, he wouldn't have said that. Cortana wouldn't be destroyed, as she is with the Chief, so he was obviously scanning the ship's records.

If Cortana didn't wipe the databanks, why didn't Keyes? If Keyes didn't wipe the databanks, why didn't Cortana? Something is seriously wrong.

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