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March 25, 2006

It's a bit far fetched (and as I maintain, 'reduced' does not mean 'nil') but Cassandra intrigues me.

Charles ( writes:

Upon reading the earlier post concerning "Cassandra," I read the letter in the "Conversations..." booklet to, I'm assuming, John-117. Her letter seems to be laced with affection beyond the family bond the SPARTANs share, as if she had strong affection for him. In TFoR, one of the augmentations used on the SPARTANs was a "Catalytic Thyroid Implant" that "suppressed sexual drive."

Assuming that the augmentations did perform better than expected in all areas, we could surmise that any sexual desire would be, in fact, next to nil. However, as I mentioned earlier, "Cassandra" apparantly does not have this sexual inhibitor, and could very well not be a lost SPARTAN

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