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May 2, 2006

Dave Candland's UI Demo

Here's the interview; here's the demo.

Stop tape. What's this?



"Alpha Moon"?

So, was the Heretic level orginally to be played on Basis rather than the Mining/Lab Facility? Or is this one of the further levels cut from the game (to be visited by the Arbiter on his way back to Earth for the Ark level)? This at least explains the several mentions of a low gravity level and playing amongst "the ruins of the first Halo", showing the corresponding campaign level for the MP map Burial Mounds.

(As well, it removes one of the implications that the Ark is on Earth's moon rather than Earth itself... which saddens me in a way, because it diminishes the importance of the fade from Truth's headdress to Earth's moon, but I'm willing to let that go and just enjoy the beauty of the transition :)


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