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May 2, 2006

Translation of Covenant (Species) Names

Apparently, this is old news, but as I was independently thinking about this in the last couple of days I found the timing interesting :)

j41m3z ( writes:

I typed the covenant species names into google and three names came up with translations frm other languages.

Unggoy (grunt) is "monkey" in tagalog (phillipines) Lekgolo (hunters) is "one hundred" in Tswana Jiralhanae (brutes) is "retarded lunatic" in korean (I'm not so sure on this one but one site had that; probably slang).

And as Rox points out, Yanmee (Drone) is Japanese for "dragonfly".

Neat. Anyone want to correct or finish the list off?

UPDATE: Our own mnemesis let's us know that " 'Kig-Yar' [Jackal] means 'chicken'... in Breton! Man, I knew there was a good reason to try and learn that silly language back in the day. ;-)" UPDATE: It's been suggested by Nogard that 'yanmee' doesn't come up in the Japanese dictionary and that 'tonbo' is in fact the translation for dragonfly. Me, I took German - Jillybean

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