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May 10, 2006

The Ark on Earth: Voi, Africa?

ZeeWulf ( writes:

I do believe we know the location [of the Ark] now, thanks to the Halo2 Soundtrack Volume 2 playlist.

The Epilogue (Credits) track's second movement is titled "Road to Voi". Voi is a small trade town a short hop from Mombasa. I believe its quite safe to say near there is the location of the Ark.

Interesting. Though other considerations might lead us to place the Ark at the site of the late New Mombasa, this is a keen observation. I wonder how it will come into play.

Speaking of the Master Chief and the Ark, I've always wondered where this screenshot of the Chief and Jackals was from. I mean, when (in the Halo 2 we know) was the MC ever in an area this clean? Considering the "cut" levels and where the story is headed, I guess now we know. ;)

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