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May 10, 2006

Beg, Burrow, or Steal.

Ocean_fx ( has the notion that the hole in the sky (seen in the Halo 3 trailer) is the result of a Covenant excavation beam (as in First Strike), explaining the exposed Ark.

A keen notion, though it does fly in the face of utility. As UrsusArctos says, notice the small size of the Covenant ships compared to the Ark, and therefore how tiny their excavation beams would be; it would take them a month o' Sundays to uncover that thing (and nobody busts out their excavation beam if it's going to get called tiny).

More importantly, Regret already produced one gigantic explosion in his Slipspace wake, decimating a rather large city in the process; this is undoubtedly an intentional plot point. In the trailer we see wreckage on the horizon which, it is not a stretch to assume, is the remains of the "space elevator" once anchored in New Mombasa. It also adds a touch of irony to Regret's arrival on Earth, considering just how close he was.

The H2 manual mentions that the usual Covenant tactics of bombardment against the Earth cannot be used (due to the nature of what they are looking for), yet Regret (in apparent ignorance) has no qualms about slipping away from low-orbit, all but annihilating the African city. What he wants is not there, or he simply does not know what he is looking for.

Perhaps Truth's comments about Regret endangering the Great Journey refer to concerns that he damaged the Ark with his departure. Or perhaps Truth is merely exaggerating his crimes in order to condemn Regret more completely (he does, after all, have it out for his Prophet compatriots). By setting up the Council to watch the beginning of the Great Journey at Delta Halo, while he slips away to Earth (as the sole remaining Covenant leader) reeks of conspiracy...

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