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May 10, 2006

The forum has been a feersum beast: falling over itself, creating things, devouring them, regurgitating, and devouring anew. Don't get me wrong: this isn't bad, just kind of gross. Ah well; in times like this it's to be expected, I suppose. ;)

Louis Wu has already summarized several tantalizing items that have surfaced. To rehash...

This Is What We Came For

Rachda ( looks back on the (otherwise fruitless :( ) flash from to officially put his finger on the continent the Ark inhabits.

Old news, honestly. But with the secure knowledge of the Ark's location, GLuebben ( has taken the time to speculate on the Forerunner (or quite possibly Covenant) glyphs and symbols seen so far, which installations they point to, and what they might all mean.

You can see his pdf here and speculate in this thread, here.

For reference, here is the image "This Is What We Came For" (pointing to Africa) and another image of the galaxy showing the same symbols (taken from the old However, because there are only six markings instead of the eight plus that could be expected (seven installations plus at least one Ark), the overall accuracy of these pictures is questionable.

Great stuff though!

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