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June 15, 2006

A light hearted, cheery story to end the news day with . . .

Pinkuh ( writes:

According to the books, the Spartans themselves have been raised on a wonderful combination of drugs, both injected and oral, that have made them grow, and fill out the way Oni needed them too.

It is pretty safe to assume that one of these drugs was a steroid. Steroids, when taken by men or women can have a rather adverse effect. This effect is a MUCH higher then average sex drive. Many men and women who take the drugs wind up losing themselves in strange sexual situations, and wind up being almost feral when it comes to their life.

That being said, the Spartans would be feeling much the same way. Knowing the adverse sexual affects of steroids, Oni would have had a counter measure to keep the Sex drives under control. This is the "reduced Sex drive" that we read about in the books.

They are not talking about them being completely numb and unable to want or have sex, they just have a fail safe in them that makes it possible for them to control the urges just like everyone else. Otherwise we would have Spartans running around humping everything that would hold still long enough, and I am sure the UNSC is happy to have their coke machines not being violated.

Well I liked it

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