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June 15, 2006

Never liked Noah anyway.

thom haley ( writes:

I've been speculating over the previous posts made on the location of the Ark and, having brewed over everyone's theories, I feel the most likely explanation is that the ark is located on earth under Old Mombasa as Africa has been known as "The cradle of civilisation".

My meaning is that if the Ark is some kind of stasis device or sanctuary from the Halos then that title would make sense in that it is where civilisation emerged following the first use of the Halos by the Forerunners.

I've been exploring this "cradle" idea too and one meaning of the word (other than a figurative place of origin where something flourishes) is "A framework a ship rests in for repairs". The theory surrounding shots from the Halo 3 trailer of the Ark having a dock for the ship truth takes to earth at Halo 2's close would match this description well.

One other thing that seems strange to me is the fact that the Ark of the Covenant in the bible was renowned for it's mysterious powers against Israel's enemies, from Samuel chapters 5 & 6 (Samuel having been 117's best friend?) yet everyone seems to have put the ark down as a "Noah's ark" against the Flood.

Deepening my research into the Ark of the Covenant I found that it could only be accessed one day of the year (the day of atonement) by the high priest (a heirarch) who would make an offering of goat's blood (mysterious blood doors as beneath reach). It is also said that God's righteous anger dwelt within the ark "in unapproachable light" (the light seen in the halo 3 trailer) it was said too that the high priest must shield his eyes because "none shall see me and live".

All this says to me that rather than some wonderful safe haven, the Ark is in fact "The Ark of the Covenant" to strike down the enemies of their covenant through the remote detonation system. This also would explain why Truth has the ship that is the "key" to the Ark's "lock", he's the only one who can gain access to the Ark and it's power.

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