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July 12, 2006

A few details from The Art of Halo: not-so-inert Flood crust on objects and walls, rampaging Juggernauts, and careening Sentinel Factories to name a few.

Darkneshasfallen ( writes:

I dont know if anyone had figured out what that structure was, and why the flood had caused it to crash.... The object that falls (crashing / exploding.) in the Single player level, "Quarantine Zone" not a human structure or ship at all, it is in fact a Forerunner Sentinel factory.

It makes sense that the flood would destroy it... the sentinels are the only thing keeping them at bay on Delta halo. I don't know if anyone had read the little white-boards that contained the level details from the book "The Art of Halo." but thats where I got the info... So its legit information.

Along with that text it also talks about where the Flood Juggernauts were supposed to spawn and how the battle between the flood and Sentinels was supposed to turn, as more Juggernauts spawned. It was new information to me, so I just thought I would share it...

Im kinda upset Bungie left out the Juggernauts... it seemed like it would have added a whole new "whoa!" (im creeped out by the flood again) factor.

It aslo explains that the player (Arbiter) had to destroy flood "crust"to keep the Juggernauts from spawning.

Pretty cool eh?

Very. Creepy that is. :)

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