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July 12, 2006

From a recent IGN interview with Brian Jarrard (Sketch) about the HGN (Halo Graphic Novel):

"[Breaking Quarantine] is essentially the story of Sergeant Johnson's escape from the first Halo. When the first game concluded, we were led to believe that the Sarge was overcome by the Flood. Yet, when Halo 2 opens, we see him again back at Earth doing just fine.

Everyone has speculated about what really happened down there in the depths of Halo and this was something we were interested in exploring further. Now, people who have read the Halo novels are going to be quick to point out that an explanation was already given (something along the lines of a genetic condition that made his body undesirable as a Flood host). We struggled with this a lot internally... while we're all big fans of Eric Nylund's Halo novels, we felt that the circumstances surrounding Sarge's survival was something we wanted to re-tell in a slightly different way. One of our goals for the book was to not only expand the fiction into new areas but make a small adjustment to existing lore."

A peek into the mechanics of the things that "needed to be corrected"; how satisfying. I suppose a little "ret-con" never hurt anyone... too badly...

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