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July 20, 2006

That Ever-Elusive Local Year

Nogard asks,

"Is 343 Guilty Spark's idea of years based on Threshold orbiting its star? No weird Lagrange point concept of years?"

Frankie responds,

"Technically a year could mean either the time it takes Earth specifically to revolve around Sol, specifically or some other rhythmic celestial phenomenon. The concept might not have much meaning if you're from a planet whose orbit is stable enough to have no seasons, right? So the question is; Does Guilty Spark's translation into a language understandable by Chief and company simply refer to some rotational indicator - either the Halo itself, Threshold or the closest star? Or does his translation include knowledge of their solar system? Or did I JUST BLOW YOUR MIND, MAN?"

How coy. All things considered, such as the rather casual, non-cagey response from Joe Staten on the same point, as well as the need for at least some semblance of standards in a sci-fi story (like Gravemind or the UNSC speaking English) our (my?) money is on a Halo 04 Local Year equalling an Earth Year as simply a matter of convenience.

And that's final! (Give or take... ;)

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