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July 20, 2006

Earth. Or what's left of it.

xTr1GGeR HaPPYx asks,

"I'm guessing those ruins in the back are Old New Mombasa, so, whereabouts is the Chief and this Forerunner structure?"

Frankie responds,

"That is indeed the ruins of New Mombasa. The artifact and the Chief are where they appear to be, on the desert outskirts of New Mombasa, and many miles inland. The mountain behind him is Kilimanjaro."


ThreeShot asks,

"Seriously though, how long have the covenant had control of Earth before the cutscene started? Days? Weeks?"

Frankie responds,

"The Covenant have basically been in control of Earth since the final events of Halo 2. What was left of the human forces was either distracted by Delta Halo, or already overwhelmed by the sheer force of the Covenant onslaught."

(Distracted? They actually left the home planet less than fully protected?)


MarkoM asks,

"Does the canyon / hole in the trailer have something to do with New Mombasa and that spacejump the Covenant Capital Ship made at Halo 2? "

Frankie responds,

"That's an excellent question. A Slipspace jump in-atmosphere would have a devastating effect on an environment, don't you think?"

(Yeah, I'd say so.)



"Also, are those rings sticking up in the background remnants of the space elevator?"

Frankie responds,
"Yes, that is the wreckage of a fallen "tether." "

(Or "The Spoke" as I've heard a few people refer to it. Tethering what? I'd like to hear the background on that piece of equipment; that's a lot of mass.)

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