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August 17, 2006

To wind up today's posts, I giveth you confusion!

Bart Benitez ( writes:

While playing The Pillar of Autumn, I noticed that the weapons that were striking the ship were blue beams. Having read the books, I was confused, as to how this could be, as all the ship-to-ship weapons in use by the Covenant before the events of the first game were similar to those launched by their Morter tank only on a larger scale.

However, after the events of Halo, after the Chief takes over the Ascendant Justice, Cortana eventually discovers that the Covenant had been using the weapon in a very crude manner, aparently oblivious to it's true potential. She then proceeds to create new equations that allow her to focus the weapon into a far more powerful and precise beam weapon. Cortana also noted that the AI on the ship looked familiar, even going so far as to say "Small protions of the alien software looked like [Cortana]". She used a subroutine taken from the Covenant AI that allowed her to create copies or partial copies of herself.

We know she had herself created 2 copies (one that was sent with the Chief when they boarded the Unyielding Hirophant and the other as a test when she found the routine within the Covenant AI) and that one of the copies copied itself multiple (tens, hundreds, possibly even thousands) of times aboard the Unyielding Hirophant prior to it's destruction. After it's destruction, several shards from the Time-Space warping crystal were recovered by the Covenant. Is it possible that one of the Cortana copies was recovered, only partially damaged, re-purposed by the Covenant, and sent back in time eventually ending up aboard the Ascendant Justice and refining the weapons systems of that one ship, which was the ship firing upon the Pillar of Autumn? Chintzy, yes, weird, yes, why, no idea.

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