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August 17, 2006

Time waits for no man.

Bunny ( writes:

My friend and I were discussing the SPARTAN, and he asked me if SPARTANS are immortal. Now, we know that they aren't, as most SPARTANS were KIA (MIA) in the mission to defend Reach, so I explained to him that SPARTANS only have enhanced sight, strength and unbreakable bones. And it just occured to me that Will or Fred cracked his rib bones from the fall at planet Reach (FS). How is this possible? Or the augmentation only strengthens bones, because when 130KG of dense muscle lands, the SPARTAN has its ribs cracked. Or perhaps, the primary improvements wore out by the time the Covenant invades Reach? According to an earlier post I read, MCPO SPARTAN-117 (John) didn't run for his extraction from Foehammer, but took a warthog. Does this indicates that his body is wearing out already? In FS, we see that the clones of the SPARTANS died of diseases at an early age, so maybe when the SPARTAN recruits were cloned, they got some kind of disease too?

Which also perhaps suggest, that Halo 3 will become harder and harder, as the Master Chief loses more and more strength? The developers say that Halo 3 will finish off the "trilogy", but earlier posts indicates that there are in fact 7 Halo ring worlds. Will Halo 3 end with triumph of the Covanent when John finally cracks? We know Cortana is in trouble, and perhaps, the MC will be destroyed (too)?

Maria retired for the kids, right?

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