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August 17, 2006

The Graphic Novel raises some questions

Chris Runner writes:

After reading through the Halo Graphic Novel I have a few questions you might be able to answer. Maria-062 tests the armor John-117 uses in Halo 2. She says she retired to start a family. OK now here are my questions: Is Maria one of the 3 SPARTANS that are too far away to be recalled to Reach? She mustn't have been that far to be back on Earth like a couple weeks later right? Or was she too far away because she retired from the military? And that brings up another interesting point. I don't understand how Maria is able to just up and quit to start a family. That SPARTANS are the only family that they know, how can she abandon them? The picture painted about the SPARTANS in the novels are military machines that are uncomfortable even around other military groups, how can seh so easily quit to become a civilian? Unless she and another SPARTAN on some far away mission fell in love and decided to quit together. When she asked the commander or whoever who the armor was goin to she kinda seemed like she didn't know him that well. "MCPO John-117? John from Reach John?" Maybe she just wasn't that tight with the others. I can hardly believe that, but that also brings another point. Would the UNSC really allow a SPARTAN or perhaps even two to retire in the middle of a all out war with the covenant and the just realized potential threat of the Flood? Very questionable indeed

I've been wary for a long time of the supposed loyalty of the SPARTAN program - how loyal can you be to an organisation that kidnapped you?

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