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August 17, 2006

The Halo Graphic Novel has spurred all sorts of conversations and deviations about exactly what story tidbits are revealed. Not all of them are complimentary. Here's a nice roundup:

Gutupio looks at the gallery pages and finds something interesting.
There's more discussion on the subject (including code interpretation) here

The identity of the Arbiter still remains secret - sadly enough - but that doesn't stop certain people speculating

There's stuff about the ancient technologies of Elites

And last but not least, Mike G notes: The Elite with no mandables in the concept art of the halo graphic novel I heard mentioned raises some points inside my head. When I was watching the bungie documentary on the making of the E3 teaser trailer I noticed on one of the computer screens about a third of the way through the documentary a figure which may be this Elite with no mandables. Also in one of the weekly updates it is mentioned that bungie is working in 'the AI for somthing big'.... Enjoy!

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