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September 25, 2006

I used to have a coral necklace, and a childhood friend has an onyx one. I think that's the one I broke when we were playing 'Aladdin' at school. It's probably significant. Never did like onyx much. Too cold.

UrsusArctos ( writes:

I read the Halo 3 Data Archive's excellent first look at connecting Ghosts of Onyx with Halo 3. One of the things that interested me the most was their interpretation of the sentence on the (non-final) back cover, "The Master Chief stays back to defend a beleagured earth." They interpreted that as referring to Master Chief staying back to fight Regret, and that the events of Ghosts of Onyx occur during the events of Halo 2. Eric Nylund also mentioned that the other Spartans didn't appear in Halo 2 because they were off doing something elsewhere, almost certainly on Onyx. And, finally, we have Frankie saying in one of the weekly updates (I think it was either on 12 or 16 May) that the human fleet at Earth was distracted by the events of Delta Halo. The back cover reads, "The fleets of the UNSC and Covenant race to claim it (The Forerunner artifact on Onyx) to change the course of the Human-Covenant war."

What does all this mean? First thing, the cause of the fleet leaving Earth doesn't seem to be the distraction caused by Delta Halo, but rather, by Onyx. If both events are happening at the same time, then the events at Delta Halo might be linked to those at Onyx, and something that happened on Delta Halo may have resulted in something else that happened at Onyx that the UNSC was aware of, and so rushed off. The Forerunner power on Onyx seems to be able to think and act on its own, and it might be connected to the Halos in some way or the other. For all you know, it might be watching John, the Arbiter, the flood rampage and all the other things going on Delta Halo and reacting accordingly. That way, the events of Delta Halo would be responsible for luring away the UNSC fleet (albeit indirectly). Interestingly, that would mean they neglected the covenant armada called in by Regret's distress beacon, leaving Earth itself open to invasion. That artifact is clearly worth more than Earth's freedom.

Second, Ackerson and Section-III(Which he is a member of) knew about something on Onyx for quite a while, just like they knew about the caverns under Menachite mountain on Reach. If the plan had been in response to Regret's initial half-assed invasion scheme, they cooked it up very fast indeed, and put it into execution in no time at all. Given Ackerson's hatred of the Spartan program, this makes me think that he wants a suicide mission to buy time for something else. Multiple plot threads have been mentioned in the novel, one of which might be a deeper look into Section-III's activities

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