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October 10, 2006

It done broke.

Army Fork proposes something unique: a somewhat faulty, or at least poorly understood, Delta Halo 05. After all, why else would neither Gravemind nor the rest of his Flood brood seem at all interested in swarming the Control Room to prevent firing?

I just thought of something, could it be delta halo would not actually fire as they suspected? if it was, gravemind would have sent every flood he had to every spot where there could be a threat of halo activation to stop them from firing. But in the final fight between the arbiter and Tartarus, there are no flood present. They didn't need to go, because all that they knew would happen is that it would just fire the pulse, and the ark would be activated for it's firing. It could fire, but gravemind already knew so much that he wasn't worried about what other percieved as the threat of a halo activation. He used the Arbiter and the Chief's belief it would activate to spur them into action.

Hmmm. Check it out.

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