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October 11, 2006

While casually engaging in some awesome hax0rz, Dojorkan ( stumbled across a few pieces of interesting "dialogue" in H2. That is, on-screen placeholder text showing lines that should normally be delivered by Cortana. From the level High Charity:

the jackals and drones have declared themselves the servants of the brutes. the hunters have sworn allegiance to the elites

the grunts seem to be neutral, or at least afraid to announce which side they support. except for truth the prophets aren't saying a word.

Also I dont think I've heard this before, no matter how long I wait:
i've lost control of the conduit! it's breaking away from the ship

When you pass through the first room in he chapter "Please, make yourelf at home:
flood spores have contaminated the city's life-support infrastructure - the filtration systems are overloading!

When you come across the flood stuff on the wall:
the amount of flood bio-mass is increasing exponentially. there are reports of infestations in every district!

if the speed of the flood's spread in this tower is any indication, it won't take long for it to overrun the entire city

Well, ain't that somethin' spiffy.

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