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October 11, 2006

alpha juliett juliett 20114

As noted by Jillybean, is Johnson a Spartan I (One-Point-O)? It's been hinted at, rumored, and downright implied. But, if Project Orion started in 2491 with recruits of existing, "of-age" military personnel , and its 2552 "now", that would make him...

Further regarding Johnson's Spartan One-ness and the HGN,

michael "gutupio" lowery ( writes:

So it appears Ackerson and Halsey have both been quereying whether or not Johnson is an S1. And it also appears someones been feeding Halsey misinformation about Johnson. Information in this thread.

Transcripts are in a child post or two down, with some speculation by other posters.


As he says, the good stuff continues with a transcript here and here and, well, just take a look around :)

Also, Mr. Paul (, who took in Robt McLees' talk at Comic-Con, shares a number of insights that arose during a conversation involving the aforementioned text. Very neat.

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