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October 12, 2006

The Prophet of Joyride

Dielectric noticed the rather specific nature of the name and description for the figurine of the Prophet of Mercy over at Joyride:

"The venerable Hod Rumnt was elected to the Covenant High Council before either the Prophets of Truth or Regret were born. His tenure has been marked by several tense debates with Elite High Councilors over the proper dispensation of Forerunner artifacts. Mercy is considered one of the last of the Old Guard - a hard-liner who has publicly questioned the wisdom of the Prophets' demilitarization at the close of the Prophet-Elite war."

Socrates muses (as did I) if the existence of these "hard-liners" implies a Covenant not nearly as old as we originally thought.

And with the seemingly recent demilitarization, combined with a recent HSP submission on the the combat status of the Prophets, Ace Heart wonders if that is all about to change...

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