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October 18, 2006

Keep hoping buddy; you're not alone! ;)

Brian Holland ( writes:

When dealing with the question of how Halo and Marathon are related, most people just take Bungie's official statement at face value, or realize that Halo takes place before the Marathon story actually ends. (ends? "to end the end a master" "find yourself... starting back...")

I would like to point out something interesting found in the text of the final screen of Marathon 2: Durandal. The first 2 paragraphs read as follows:

"It was ten thousand years before fate brought Durandal once again into contact with man.

The Pfhor were but a dim memory then, known only to a few historians and students of Earth's second colonial period. The S'pht had been nearly forgotten as well, and no man had seen a living specimen of their race since the sacking of the Pfhor system by the combined fleets of Earth and the S'pht'Kr in 2881 AD.

The part that sparked my attention was the bit about how the events in the Marathon series (1 & 2 at least) took place in the "second colonial period" this implies that before the launching of Marathon, there was a 1st colonial period, I assume this must be the esablishment of 'inner-colonies' as the Marathon is supposed to be the first 'outer-colony' expedition. More importantly, this implies that there could be several more colonial periods after the events of Marathon, or at least alot of time and history that occurs between Marathon and when "fate brought Durandal once again into contact with man." (10,000 years later) Is it so hard to believe that Halo is taking place sometime in those 10,000 years, sufficient time for the events of Marathon and the S'pht / Pfhor / Human wars to be all but forgotten by humanity? The 'AD' / 'Military Calendar' discrepency offers excuses for this sort of thing.

Of course who knows what twists Bungie can throw out, owing to the fact that Jjaro technology in Marathon gives you the ability to bend time/space, and Forerunner artifacts in the Halo story do the same thing...

I'd have given up completely if it wasn't for Alex Seropian going off about the Heroes being "the same character" (even if thematically) and that dang blank century...

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