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March 24, 2004

Some "missing" Spartans still in action?

Andrew Newman ( writes:

I was reading through your web page and suddenly thought of an alarming possibility; what if more than just the 33 surviving SPARTANs that made it past augmentation actually survived. We all know how shadowy ONI is, maybe they staged the death of several surviving Spartans, for them to be used as even more secret weapons. I know that the SPARTAN II project was secretive to begin with, but maybe some brass at ONI saw a chance for an unstoppable, supposedly dead assassin or bodyguard, and jumped at the opportunity. It is known now that the MC is not the last Spartan, but maybe Ackerson was just corrupt enough to fake the death of one of the super soldiers for a personal assassin or bodyguard or something else.

You're right... the numbers don't quite add up... hmmm...

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